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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Made me laugh out loud!!

I was driving home from some appointments, and much to my surprise there is a cop writing tickets for people not stopping at the stop signs leaving Cranston (my neighbourhood). This is not new as they have set up little stings here for a few years now. While it doesn’t surprise me at all that they are there, what did surprise me was the Officers mode of transportation. What a gas! IMG_6074a

I just had to stop and take their picture. I parked a ways down the street and walked up to them and asked if I could take their picture for our family blog. Constable Thomson (No p) said “sure”. He was a friendly fellow, just out doing his job (writing a ticket to some cheater as we spoke). I chatted him up a bit, gave him our blog address to come and see himself on the world wide web, and as I was walking away, he says, “by the way, this is Kelsey”. Thanks Constable Thomson, Kelsey is obviously a big part of your police team and I wouldn’t want to leave him out.

As I was walking back to the cube, I could hear people in their cars laughing as they were driving by. It actually made my day to see this police team in action, and while I didn’t get a ticket for anything, If I HAD gotten a ticket, I wouldn’t have complained as it probably would rank up there with the best ticket stories I could have told… pulled over by a horse LOL, too FUNNY! Calgary truly is the wild west!!!

IMG_6071 IMG_6072

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